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Children Ministries

Sunday Morning

       Our church meets together regularly to worship God and be instructed from its pages. We do understand that not everyone gets the same understanding from each message based on many factors. Children are limited in their knowledge of biblical truths until they are taught. By the biblical principle found in Nehemiah 8:3 where men and women listened to the Word of God from morning until midday, “and those that could understand” that the youngest children would not have been a part of the instruction which was given to adults. Therefore, we have determined to separate the youngest of children for the nursery (0 – 3 yrs of age) and junior church (3 – 8 years of age) from the rest of the congregation worship service. We do understand that some children in those ages can sit quietly without distracting the rest of the people from the message and parents are able to keep them by their side. It is our desire that as many as possible be able to enjoy the worship service and be “attentive unto the book of the law.“

       We also offer an instructional time prior to the worship service which is age appropriate. We have Sunday School classes for various ages which breaks down the teaching of the students where they can understand them. One of the greatest aspects of a Sunday School classroom is the ability for the student to ask questions. It is evident from Scripture that Jesus preached to the multitudes but discipled the 12 whom He called, for the purpose of carrying forward His ministry. Often after Christ taught the multitude, He pulled the disciples aside and taught them further into the meaning of the things which He had taught. Our design is to present the Word of God properly but also to each age group so that as they grow they will understand and participate in the worship services. Sunday school fulfills one of the aspects of the great commission to “teach all nations” and “teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you.”

      Our classes are 4-5 year olds as “Beginners”; 1-3 grade as “Primaries”; 4-6 grade as “Juniors” and 7-12 grade as Teens. In a culture saturated with change, it is good for children to hear the stability found in the Word of God. What is right, what is wrong, what God is like, what we are supposed to be like. Each classroom can take the Word of God and direct their students as well as address the “norms” of their social structure around them.  Peers often lead young people in the wrong direction. The Sunday School can divert the child’s heart toward the teaching of God away from the disfunction of society. Children need to learn the books of the Bible and become familiar with its stories to prepare them for greater instruction during the worship services. Schools don’t throw a book at a student and expect them to get the most out of the subject on their own. Neither should we throw a Bible at a child and expect grand results without instruction. Our Sunday School is designed to give each person an opportunity for growth and build a personal relationship with our Lord. Daniel Webster once asked Thomas Jefferson the patriotic question: ”What is to be the salvation of our nation?” After a pause, Jefferson replied: ”Our nation will be saved, if saved at all, by teaching the children to love the Savior.”


Wednesday Night

In addition to our Sunday services, we also offer a special children’s training time called Kings Kids Club. We create an environment of singing, instruction and games to build a hunger for spiritual truths. Kings Kids Club is a Bible centered children’s program that provides our church a way to meet weekly to advance the cause of Jesus Christ.
  Knowing God is understanding that God knows us, gives us a purpose for living and brings meaning to life. Christianity teaches character, family values, virtuous living and the value of being a servant to others. We can learn how to deal with relationships by looking in the Bible at the relationships (both good and bad) people had with each other and with God.
  Kings Kids Club consists of three parts.  Game time is packed with exciting activities.  Some games are just for fun, while others help reinforce Bible truths. Teaching time includes group bible study,

In The Book Time memorization and application of truths into daily choices.  We meet each Wednesday  at 6:30 p.m.  Van transportation is available!


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